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What should a ReactJS developer know?

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React is a library for helping developers build user interfaces (UIs) as a tree of small pieces called components. A component is a mixture of HTML and JavaScript that captures all of the logic required to display a small section of a larger UI.

Most Popular React Libraries

  1. React Joyride
  2. Material UI
  3. React PDF Renderer
  4. React Beautiful DnD
  5. Swiper.js



React Joyride

If you're looking to create walkthroughs and guided tours for your React apps, React Joyride is the library for you.

Material UI

Material UI is the largest component library for React, and it's used by major companies like Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix.

React PDF Renderer

Creating PDF file can be a tedious process, but with React PDF Renderer, you can React components to make it a breeze.

React Beautiful DnD

Drag and drop interfaces are a must-have for many React apps, and React Beautiful DnD makes it easy to create them.


Swiper.js is a library that helps you create swipe able interfaces in your React apps. With Swiper.js, you can create engaging and intuitive interfaces.
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