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Mastering Tech Excellence: A Guide to Generative AI, Python Programming, Data Structures, and More

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Python Programming

Datacamp: Writing Efficient Python Code
Datacamp: Writing Functions in Python
Datacamp: Object-Oriented Programming in Python
Datacamp: Importing Data in Python (Part 1)
Datacamp: Importing Data in Python (Part 2)
Datacamp: Intermediate Python for Data Science
Datacamp: Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)
Datacamp: Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 2)
Datacamp: Developing Python Packages
Datacamp: Conda Essentials
Youtube: Tutorial: Sebastian Witowski – Modern Python Developer’s Toolkit
Datacamp: Unit Testing for Data Science in Python
Datacamp: Working with Dates and Times in Python
Datacamp: Command Line Automation in Python
Book: Python 201
Book: Writing Idiomatic Python 3
Book: Test Driven Development with Python

Data Structures and Algorithms

Book: Grokking Algorithms
Book: The Tech Resume Inside Out
Neetcode: Algorithms and Data Structures for Beginners
Udacity: Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms

Linux & Command Line

Datacamp: Introduction to Shell for Data Science
Datacamp: Introduction to Bash Scripting
Datacamp: Data Processing in Shell
MIT: The Missing Semester
Udacity: Linux Command Line Basics
Udacity: Shell Workshop
Udacity: Configuring Linux Web Servers

Version Control

Udacity: Version Control with Git
Datacamp: Introduction to Git for Data Science
Udacity: GitHub & Collaboration
Udacity: How to Use Git and GitHub


Udacity: Intro to relational database
Udacity: Database Systems Concepts & Design
Datacamp: Database Design
Datacamp: Introduction to Databases in Python
Datacamp: Intro to SQL for Data Science
Datacamp: Intermediate SQL
Datacamp: Joining Data in PostgreSQL
Udacity: SQL for Data Analysis
Datacamp: Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL
Datacamp: Applying SQL to Real-World Problems
Datacamp: Analyzing Business Data in SQL
Datacamp: Reporting in SQL
Datacamp: Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL

Backend and System Design

Book: Machine Learning Systems Design
Udacity: Authentication & Authorization: OAuth
Udacity: HTTP & Web Servers
Udacity: Client-Server Communication
Udacity: Designing RESTful APIs
Udacity: Networking for Web Developers
Datacamp: Customer Analytics & A/B Testing in Python
Udacity: A/B Testing


Datacamp: Foundations of Probability in Python
Datacamp: Introduction to Statistics
Datacamp: Introduction to Statistics in Python
Datacamp: Hypothesis Testing in Python
Datacamp: Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)
Datacamp: Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)
Datacamp: Experimental Design in Python
edX: Essential Statistics for Data Analysis using Excel
Udacity: Intro to Inferential Statistics
MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005
Udacity: Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues
Udacity: Linear Algebra Refresher
Youtube: Essence of linear algebra


Machine Learning

Article: An overview of gradient descent optimization algorithms
Book: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 2nd Edition
Book: A Machine Learning Primer
Book: Make Your Own Neural Network
Book: Grokking Machine Learning
Book: The StatQuest Illustrated Guide To Machine Learning Practical Deep Learning for Coder (Part 1) Practical Deep Learning for Coder (Part 2)
Datacamp: Ensemble Methods in Python
Datacamp: Extreme Gradient Boosting with XGBoost
Datacamp: Clustering Methods with SciPy
Datacamp: Unsupervised Learning in Python
Udacity: Segmentation and Clustering
Datacamp: Intro to Python for Data Science
edX: Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight
Datacamp: Supervised Learning with scikit-learn
Datacamp: Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python
Datacamp: Linear Classifiers in Python
Datacamp: Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Processing
Datacamp: MLOps Concepts
Datacamp: Machine Learning Monitoring Concepts
Datacamp: Model Validation in Python
Datacamp: Hyperparameter Tuning in Python
Datacamp: HR Analytics in Python: Predicting Employee Churn
Datacamp: Predicting Customer Churn in Python
Datacamp: Dimensionality Reduction in Python
Datacamp: Preprocessing for Machine Learning in Python
Datacamp: Data Types for Data Science
Datacamp: Cleaning Data in Python
Datacamp: Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Python
Datacamp: Predicting CTR with Machine Learning in Python
Datacamp: Intro to Financial Concepts using Python
Datacamp: Fraud Detection in Python
Karpathy: Neural Networks: Zero to Hero4/7
Stanford: CS231N Winter 20161,2,15

Natural Language Processing

Book: Natural Language Processing with Transformer
Stanford CS224U: Natural Language Understanding | Spring 2019
Stanford CS224N: Stanford CS224N: NLP with Deep Learning | Winter 2019
CMU: Low-resource NLP Bootcamp 2020
CMU Multilingual NLP 2020
Datacamp: Feature Engineering for NLP in Python
Datacamp: Natural Language Processing Fundamentals in Python
Datacamp: Regular Expressions in Python
Datacamp: RNN for Language Modeling
Datacamp: Natural Language Generation in Python
Datacamp: Building Chatbots in Python
Datacamp: Sentiment Analysis in Python
Datacamp: Machine Translation in Python

Generative AI

Article: OpenAI Prompt Engineering
DeepLearning.AI: Building and Evaluating Advanced RAG Applications
DeepLearning.AI: Finetuning Large Language Models
DeepLearning.AI: Vector Databases: from Embeddings to Applications
DeepLearning.AI: Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback
DeepLearning.AI: Advanced Retrieval for AI with Chroma
LLMOps: Building with LLMs
LLM Bootcamp – Spring 2023
Large Language Models with Semantic Search [1hr]
Karpathy: Intro to Large Language Models [1hr]
Youtube: A Hackers’ Guide to Language Models [1hr30m]
Youtube: A Survey of Techniques for Maximizing LLM Performance
Youtube: Prompt Engineering Overview [1hr4m]
Youtube: Building Blocks for LLM Systems & Products: Eugene Yan

Technical Skills (Libraries/Frameworks/Tools)


Udemy: AWS Certified Developer – Associate 2018


Pluralsight: CSS Positioning
Pluralsight: Introduction to CSS
Pluralsight: CSS: Specificity, the Box Model, and Best Practices
Pluralsight: CSS: Using Flexbox for Layout
Code School: Blasting Off with Bootstrap
Pluralsight: UX Fundamentals
Codecademy: Learn SASS
Book: Refactoring UI


Codecademy: Learn HTML
Codecademy: Make a website


Udacity: ES6 – JavaScript Improved
Udacity: Intro to Javascript
Udacity: Object Oriented JS 1
Udacity: Object Oriented JS 2
Udemy: Understanding Typescript
Codecademy: Learn JavaScript
Codecademy: Jquery Track
Pluralsight: Using The Chrome Developer Tools


Datacamp: Introduction to Seaborn
Datacamp: Introduction to Matplotlib


Datacamp: Pandas Foundations
Datacamp: Pandas Joins for Spreadsheet Users
Datacamp: Manipulating DataFrames with pandas
Datacamp: Merging DataFrames with pandas
Datacamp: Data Manipulation with pandas
Datacamp: Optimizing Python Code with pandas
Datacamp: Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas
Datacamp: Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas
Datacamp: Analyzing Police Activity with pandas


Article: PyTorch internals
Datacamp: Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch
Deeplizard: Neural Network Programming – Deep Learning with PyTorch


Codecademy: Learn ReactJS: Part I
Codecademy: Learn ReactJS: Part II


Datacamp: Advanced NLP with spaCy

Tensorflow & Keras

Datacamp: Introduction to TensorFlow in Python
Datacamp: Deep Learning in Python
Datacamp: Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras
Datacamp: Advanced Deep Learning with Keras
Deeplizard: Keras – Python Deep Learning Neural Network API
Udacity: Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning
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