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15 FREE AI TOOLS for Everyday Use You Shouldn’t MISS

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In today’s digital age, AI is here to help you with everyday tasks, and the best part is, you can use these powerful tools for free!

Hey everyone this is Kanika, your passive income coach, and, in this article, I will introduce you to 15 easy-to-use AI tools that can make your daily life more efficient and exciting.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just looking to simplify your routines, these tools have something for everyone.

Let’s get started!!



What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs designed to have conversations with people through text or speech. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to understand what you’re saying and respond like a human would.

They’re called “chatbots” because they chat or talk with you, just like you’d chat with a friend.

2. How Do Chatbots Help?

Chatbots can help in various ways:

• Customer Service:
They are often used on websites to answer questions from customers. For example, when you’re on a shopping website and have questions about a product, a chatbot can provide answers.

• Task Automation:
They can do tasks for you, like setting reminders, booking appointments, or even ordering food.

• Information:
Chatbots can provide information on a wide range of topics, from news updates to facts and figures.

• Troubleshooting:
Some, can help you fix problems with your computer or gadgets by guiding you through the steps.

So basically, Chatbots are like computer-based friends that can talk to you and help you in various ways. They can answer questions, do tasks, provide information, and even offer emotional support. The more they talk to people, the better they become at understanding and assisting you in your digital world.


1) Poe

2) Claude

3) Perplexity

Generative Art

These tools are like magic artists that can turn words into pictures. You tell them what you want to see in words, and they draw it for you. They’re super creative because you can use them to make all kinds of pictures. If you describe a beautiful sunset, they can paint it. If you describe a fantastical dragon, they can draw that too.

People use these tools in many ways. Artists use them to get new ideas for their art. Businesses use them to make images for their products. Teachers use them to make learning materials more fun.


• Clipdrop

• Leonardo AI

• Adobe Firefly


AI video making tools are like smart helpers for creating videos. They make the process fast and easy.

These tools have ready-made video styles that you can customize to fit your needs.

You can use them to make videos for different places, like YouTube or Instagram. Some of them can even make videos in different languages.

They can suggest creative ideas to make your videos more interesting. You don’t need to be a video expert to use them; they’re designed for everyone.

Sometimes they can make videos very quickly, even during live events. They can also tell you how people are reacting to your videos, helping you make better ones in the future. While they’re great, the videos they make might need a few tweaks to be perfect.

These tools keep getting better and smarter over time, so they’ll make even cooler videos in the future!


• Flexclip

• Kapwing

• Stable Diffusion Video


Why AI Copywriting Tools Are Cool: These tools are special because they can do a few really great things:

1. Super Speedy:

• They write content super fast. Something that might take you a long time to write, they can do in just a few seconds. So, businesses and writers can get lots of content done quickly.

2. Content Ideas:

• They don’t just write; they can also give you ideas for what to write about. It’s like having a brainstorming buddy who always has creative ideas.

3. Keeping Your Style:

• They can also write in the same style as you do. So, if you have a special way of writing that people recognize, these tools can copy it.

4. Speaking Different Languages:

• For businesses that want to talk to people all over the world, these tools can also help. They can translate your content into different languages so that more people can understand it.

But here is the point, I would suggest you to rely 100% on these tools. These tools are smart, but they can’t replace the special touch that humans bring to writing. Sometimes, their content might not have the same warmth and creativity that you can add. So always recheck and don’t be afraid to modify the generated output before publishing.

AI Copywriting Tools

• Rytr

• CopyAI

• Writesonic

AI Logo Maker Tools

Let’s try and understand about AI Logo making tools.

What’s a Logo?

A logo is like a special picture that represents a company or a brand. It’s like the face of the brand that people remember.

AI logo maker tools are like computer wizards that can make logos for businesses. They’re like having a digital artist at your service.

How They Work?

These tools use fancy computer tricks to make logos. You tell them about your brand, what colors you like, and they use their magic to create logos that match your style.

Fast and Flexible:

One cool thing is that they’re super quick. They can make lots of logo ideas in just a few seconds. You can also change the logos to make them perfect for your brand.

## AI Logo making Tools

• Looka

• Logomaster AI

• Microsoft Designer
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